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"Education is the Most Powerful Weapon, Which You Can Use To Change The World"

WELCOME TO Shanti Niketan public school

About Us

Education is the light for the mankind and books are well medium of getting the education. But only bookish knowledge is not enough. We want to improve value based education such as to respect the elders, teachers and parents.

Students should respect and follow their culture and traditions. Our chief aim and objective is to build up such students and descendants who have well social, moral and cultural qualities.
To create self reliance among the students by educating them is one of our chief aims so that they can face the challenges of their lives successfully. They can fight against exploitation, social evils, poverty and injustice and they can fully devote to change their nation into prestigious and well cultured nation.

Mission of the School

" Children are souls to be nurtured not products to be measured.” - Andrew Kern "

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