Shanti Niketan public school


1.Strive to edify your school-mates by your good example at all times in fact no sermon is more efficacious than good example.
2. Never make fun of those who are backward in the lessons. Let there be no ridiculing of anyone on account of his/her physical defects. What you laugh at or despise in others may someday befall you.
3. Gladly help one another. At recreation make no distinction in the choice of your companions. Let no one be slighted in any game and let there not be selfishness. If there be need to make a sacrifice for the sake of the team let it be made cheerfully.
4. When you are asked by a superior regarding the conduct of some of your companions, answer to the best of your knowledge especially when it is a matter of prevention or remedying some evil. To be silent would not be beneficial to your companion and would be offence to God. Always avoid exaggeration and speak truthfully.