Shanti Niketan public school

Fee Rules

Fees are to be paid monthly in advance by the 10th day of the current month. Fees for May and June will be paid in the month of May. Fees will be charged for 12 months. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Students are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls. Fees once paid will not be refunded.

Those who wish may pay fees for the whole year in advance (12 months)

AIf fees for two consecutive months are not paid by the 10th of the second month a warning will be sent. If not paid by the 10th of the third month, the student’s name is liable to be removed from the rolls.

Any pupil whose fees shall fall in arrears in liable to be refused admission into the class or to be sent home and shall not be allowed to sit for the regular examination.

Students who leave the school in the middle of the session will have to pay the fees for the entire session.

Parents are requested to fill in the details in the in the monthly slip of the fees booklets and must verify the entries in the fees booklet after payment has been made.

The school reserves the right to increase the fee at any time of the school year, if an increment is deemed necessary.

For further details refer to Fee Books.